Welcome to the EAST MIDLANDS Region


Regional Officer: Ken May


Email: eastmidlands@xkec.co.uk


Areas covered: Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northants, Warwickshire.




To introduce myself I’m Ken May, Regional Officer for the East Midlands. Every fourth Saturday of each month we hold a breakfast meet at Donington which is open invitation to all.
Aside from local regional events I have also organised XKEC overseas tours to Normandy in 2014 and another to Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam in April 2015.
The XKEC is a great club for social events and for those techies that want to talk about Dextron and Escalade boxes (whatever they are). Steamed up headlights I can comprehend and they seem to be a popular subject with credible solutions!
See below for more details about the breakfast venue which is easily accessible from the North, South, East and West. 
For further details about all events in our areas please feel free to Email me at eastmidlands@xkec.co.uk



The East Midlands breakfast meet takes place every fourth Saturday of each month at 9.30am and everyone is welcome, not just those in the region.


For venue details please contact Ken at eastmidlands@xkec.co.uk



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