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"An international club that embraces, celebrates and focuses on the overall preservation of the Jaguar XK (X100 and X150 models)"


A very warm welcome to the exciting world of the Jaguar XK8/XKR Enthusiasts Club (otherwise better known as XKEC for short).


There are of course many reasons as to why you should consider joining the XKEC. Now in our 21st Anniversary year there are of course numerous benefits and a wealth of knowledge to be gained from becoming a member whether you be an existing owner, a prospective owner or even just an XK enthusiast. 


Formed back in 2003 the XKEC now currently brings together an international community of XK owners and enthusiasts from across 16 countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, UK and the USA. The club is very proud to acknowledge that it has over those 21 years become the largest single model club of its kind that is dedicated solely to these particular Jaguar models.


The Club dedicates its time, energy and enthusiasm into running a very enjoyable venture and one that offers what we feel is the ideal membership package expected from a modern day car club.


We are very pleased to say that you do not have to be an owner of one of these cars to enjoy the benefits - far from it. We very much welcome those who also seek advice on purchasing or owning such a car or simply want to find out more about the car in general.


When joining a car club we know members seek a membership that is both cost effective and enjoyable. Our aim is not just to enjoy your cars but to also enjoy the whole experience of making new friends with similar like-minded individuals who all share the same passion. The whole family can enjoy our “family” atmosphere, whether it be attending any of our numerous events, reading our digital magazine or simply chatting to members via our forum. We aim to create a club that anyone, of any age, can enjoy and take part in, however small or large they want to contribute.


So, if you love the modern day Jaguar XK and simply want to share that experience then why not join our club. We are very friendly and approachable and we are very much “more than just a club”.


To join in the fun and enjoy everything we have on offer simply complete and submit our on-line application form, it'll be a start to a whole new adventure.


Come and join in the fun!

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2 Lynton Road South


Kent DA11 7NF

United Kingdom





Telephone: 07508 667685







What members say about the XKEC...


"I can't recommend the XKEC enough: having joined 11 years ago the warm welcome I received from Mark and Karen was matched by and continues to extend to many of our members resulting in friendships with individuals all over the country. Some I have the pleasure of seeing regularly, others periodically at various events and many simply through enjoyable exchanges and banter on the forum. The Forum is an excellent font of pooled knowledge which is invaluable should you encounter a problem with your XK8 as inevitably someone has already had the same experience and shared the outcome on the forum, providing both comfort and a solution. Membership is money well spent and is real value for money."



"I have been a member of the XKEC since April 2012. I joined as I had an XKR Convertible and soon found out the value and friendship in this great club. I no longer have my XKR as I was fortunate enough to buy an Aston Martin but I could not leave the club as I have met so many wonderful people who I would now call good friends and enjoy all the events, the forum and the social activities. I am still an Enthusiast for XK’s and enjoy all aspects of the club."



"The obvious benefit of joining the XKEC is the wealth of information available on XKs and the support of some very experienced and knowledgeable members. But the XKEC is more than just a car club and it has been a delight to make so many good friends over the years via club events and the online forum."



"I bought my 2001 XKR coupé back in 2010 knowing very little about the car, except for the fact that it was a car I had promised myself for a very long time. In January 2011, I decided to join the XKEC which has proved to be one of the best things I have done, for the modest cost of half a tank of petrol!  Since joining, the benefits I have enjoyed have been:-

  • I have learned so much about these cars and continue to do so, from the very knowledgeable expert members.
  • Attended some great Club events and always have more to look forward to.
  • Made a lot of new friends and acquaintances. The Club is a real community of friendly members with a common enthusiasm.
I would always recommend every XK owner to join the Club, to get the most enjoyment from their pride & joy and I actively encourage any XK owner I encounter, to join up!"



“I have been a club member for over 10 years now during which time my wife and I have enjoyed many regular meetings, annual get-togethers and all manner of social events.  This club is populated by enthusiasts, owners and people who enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals whether petrol-heads or not. One thing I can say, with hand on heart, my wife and I have, through the club, met so many wonderful people we are now privileged to call really close friends. This is so, much more than a mere car club.”



"I joined the XKEC in June 2015 having seen a flyer at my local Jaguar dealer (Sturgess in Leicester). Having taken the brochure from the dealer I joined the XKEC and went on the Club's Facebook page which I have found extremely useful and informative. I had a battery/charging issue last year and after posting my problem on Facebook I received 5 or 6 replies within a couple of hours which resulted in my issue being promptly resolved - and with my own research I may have helped others when I found an excellent battery supplier. The Facebook posts by members are nearly all relevant and useful - and interesting. I would strongly recommend any XK/XKR owner who values and appreciates their car to join the XKEC."



The image opposite was the original advert and article that we placed in Jaguar World magazine back in July 2003.


The idea initially was to just simply get a few XK8/XKR owners together as a toe-in-the-water exercise. We wasn't then expecting what followed!


Now in our twenty-first anniversary year we are still going strong thanks to the ongoing support of so many.


THE XKEC - "More than just a club"

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