Shown below are a number of books and magazines that have been written over the years specifically about the Jaguar XK/XK8/XKR models. Most, if not all, are now becoming more and more difficult to get hold of so these are shown here on this page to simply give you some idea of what publications have been written and what can possibly be purchased around the world. 



JAGUAR XK8 : A Modern Sporting Icon
ISBN 978-1-907426-08-7


Publisher: Jaguar World Monthly


Soft Cover


148 page magazine full of reprints of previous articles published in JWM magazine, including suspension rebuilds, servicing, tensioners, shocks and spring replacement etc plus all the usual tuning and modding stuff.


Cost when new: £7.99


Road & Track: Jaguar XJS-XK8-XKR Portfolio 1975-2003

ISBN 1-855-20629-3


Publisher: Brooklands Books


Soft Cover


Cost when new: £11.99 




Jaguar XK8 & XKR Performance Portfolio
ISBN 185520-7575


Publisher: Brooklands Books


Soft Cover


This book covers a turbulent period in Jaguar's history. It traces the progress of these sports cars through new model reports plus road and comparison tests. Included are full specifications and performance data. Models covered are the 4.0 & 4.2 XK8 and XKR, SVO, Silverstone, R & 100 in both coupe & convertible form. A total of 128 pages of which 60 are in colour.


Cost when new: £11.99 



Jaguar XK8: The Complete Story (Graham Robson)
ISBN 978-1-84797-074-9

Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd (2009)


Hard Cover


176 Pages, fully illustrated with colour photographs. It was code-named X100 and it was to be Jaguar's latest sports cars, featuring both coupe and convertible coachwork. It was to have an all-new V8 engine and it was to replace the XJS. It would also ultimately have the most powerful forced-induction engine of any production Jaguar road card and it had a lot riding on its success. It was the XK8 - a sleek, purposeful grand tourer in the Jaguar tradition. Graham Robson, one-time Jaguar apprentice and a motoring historian with several other Jaguar books to his credit, tells the story of one of the twentieth century's most beautiful sports car, from its conception to the end of the line for both it and the factory it was built in. Topics covered:· Full history of the XK8· Special feature panels on key personalities and developments· Full specifications of each model


Cost when new: £27.50



You and Your Jaguar XK8


Nigel Thorley
ISBN 1 84425 224 8


Publisher: Haynes (2006)


Hard Cover
The Jaguar XK8 was launched to great acclaim in 1996 as the successor to the XJS. With styling cues taken from the E-type and powered by a new 4.0-litre V8 engine, the XK8 found instant success on both sides of the Atlantic. This fascinating, all-colour book is essential reading for all XK8 owners and enthusiasts. 160 pages.
Cost when new: £17.99 



Jaguar XK8 / XKR


Stefano Pasini (1998)


ISBN 88-7960-018-4


Publisher Automobelia S.r.L


Hard Cover


Superb large format colour profile with close up photos and specifications. 96 pages with 100 mostly colour illustrations


Cost when new: £24.99 



Jaguar XK8 “Road Test Limited Edition” 


R M Clarke


ISBN 1-85520 3 91X


Publisher: Brookland Books 


Soft Cover


Contains 92 pages of testes and other press articles including 200 illustrations


Cost when new: £9.99



Jaguar XK8 – The Authorised Biography


Philip Porter (1998)


ISBN 1-870979-75-3


Publisher: Bay View Books

Hard Cover


Contains the full story from concept to launch and has text on design, development, testing and production. 128 pages with 180 colour illustrations


Cost when new: £19.99



Jaguar XK8 / XKR


Phil Weedon (2003)


ISBN 1-873098-63-4


Publisher: Kelsey Books


Soft Cover


Colour articles taken from

the Jaguar Monthly magazine. 111 pages


Cost when new: £12.95 



Jaguar XK8 and XKR


John Blunsden


ISBN 1899870-53-9


Publisher: Motor Racing Publications Ltd (2000)


Soft Cover


Design and development, production and sales history, technical specifications, performances and options. 128 pages.


Cost when new: £12.49



Jaguar XK8 / XKR / XK180


ISBN: 1-84155-211-9


Publisher: Unique Motor Books (2000)


Soft Cover

Tests and other photocopied material mainly from Autocar magazine. 80 pages


Cost when new: £9.95 



You and Your XK/XKR


Nigel Thorley


ISBN: 9781787113923


Publisher: Haynes 




The new updated and enlarged edition of the only book on the complete Jaguar XK/XKR range of 1996 to 2014. Covering design, development, maintenance, modifications and full model-by-model details, this is the perfect ‘handbook’ for the XK range.

Tells the complete story of the Jaguar XK range, from conception in the Ford era, to Tata ownership in 2014.

27x21cm • 232 pages • 180 colour pictures
Cost when new: £35.00


Jaguar NEW XK (2006-2014) 


Nigel Thorley


Format: Paperback / softback


Publication Date: 15 Jul 2015


ISBN: 9781845848064

64 pages

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd


Cost when new: £12.99


Jaguar XK8 & XKR (2007-2014)


Nigel Thornley


Format: Paperback

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781845843595


The technically advanced, aluminium bodied New XK models carried over very little from the previous models. Produced from 2007 to 2014, they proved to be one of the best sports models produced by Jaguar. Still no replacement has been planned by the marque, meaning these cars will be much sought after, and meaning you'll need expert advice if you're thinking of purchasing one. For anyone with an interest in, or who's thinking of buying one of these already classic cars, this Essential Buyer's Guide is a vital requirement. Covering all variants, and highlighting model differences, it shows how equipment levels or colour schemes affect can affect price. Detailing everything from what to look for when you first see a car, to in-depth evaluation, even such matters as where to buy and what paperwork to check is covered, along with dedicated sections listing model specifications, where to go for advice, and marque specialists.


Cost when new: £12.99



Jaguar XK8/R : Your guide to Jaguars popular GT


Kelsey Media


Format: Paperback / softback


Publication Date: 2021


ISBN: 9 772633 759006

98 pages

Publisher: Kelsey Media


This guide was produced by Jaguar World magazine and covers all aspects of the car: from its design history to driving all four of the main models.There's also a comprehensive owner's guide, explaining everything you need to look for when buying one of these cars.


Cost when new: £8.99


Useful XK related magazines 

XK8 : The Creation





Jaguar XK8 supplement guide to the making of the car produced by CAR magazine in 1996.


Jaguar XK8 : The inside story of the 21st century E-Type


1996 Jaguar XK8 supplement produced by Autocar magazine. 66 pages


Jaguar World : Best of Jaguar Sports Cars




The Best of Jaguar Sports Cars magazine produced by Jaguar World, which includes details on XK120, XK140, XK150, E-Type, XJ-S, XK8, XKR, F-Type and more


Jaguar Magazine : The 186mph XKR-S


A magazine produced by Jaguar on the XKR-S model. 



Jaguar Model Overview




A round-up of all Jaguar dirivatives from 1935 to 2020




CAR Magazine






The full story on Jaguar's new XK8 by CAR magazine dated April 1996.


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