Back in 1948 Jaguar created what has become one of the most famous Jaguar names in the world, the XK sports car. Now 60 years on Jaguar have decided to celebrate that most famous name by producing a very special edition of the current XK for the UK market known as the XK60.


Like previous XKs the XK60 will be renowned for its extreme performance and luxurious style. Like other more recent special editions (such as the Portfolio and XKR-S) the XK60 will hopefully bring something new to the Jaguar range.


Produced in July 2008 and available in both coupe and convertible form the new car offers a host of additional extras and more importantly at no extra cost.


The XK60 benefits from 20-inch Senta alloy wheels, a sporty alloy gear knob and selector-gate surround, plus noticeable body enhancements such as a new front spoiler and rear valance panel, chrome-finished side vents and bright upper and lower front grille meshes, special tailpipe finishers and appliqués on both sides of the car.


Jaguar’s advanced all-aluminium construction will also ensure it retains the lightest yet strongest car in its class.


In its 60th anniversary the XK name is once again relived and is one that owners hope will have a leading edge against its motoring counterparts.


Price new:
£60,995 (Coupe)
£66,995 (Convertible) 


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