Tempest and Typhoon


Racing Green Cars Ltd in Ash Vale, Hampshire, UK produced two variation styles to the XKR in Limited Edition form called the XKR 400 Tempest and the XKR 450 Typhoon.

The former being a styling upgrade whilst the other is a performance type upgrade. With a limited production of 20 cars of each model being produced I’m sure they will bring much interest to the XK scene.

The Tempest comes with just over £11k worth of modifications whilst the Typhoon comes in at a more expensive £19k. Add this to the existing price of an XKR and you have one special car indeed.

The Tempest comes with enhanced bodywork modifications such as Air intake grille, Side Sills, Rear Valence and Mesh grille. The car is lowered by means of an Arden Sports suspension and has electronic wheel alignment. Huge 20” Sport alloy wheels, switchable steering and a half system exhaust conversion also add some interest. The transformation is finished off with some very unique badging.

The Typhoon on the other hand comes with similar modifications as above but with an added 50bhp and a six speed button gear change system.

Both models are judged to provide an improvement to performance figures without compromising fuel consumption.

Overall the cars seemingly lend themselves well to the likes of Aston Martin or Mercedes but at only part of the cost which provides an interesting comparison indeed. 

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