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Regional Officer: Tony RIgby


Email: tony.rigby99@ntlworld.com


Areas covered: Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Oxon, Buckinghamshire and Essex Borders. 


My name is Tony Rigby and I live in South Bedfordshire, with Janice my wife.

I recently retired from the Aerospace industry after 45 years of service as a Field Support Electronics Engineer and Technical Instructor, specialising in air-launched weapons.

I was born and grew up near Wigan in Lancashire, but moved to Hertfordshire in 1986 when an opportunity to work overseas came up and I spent the next ten years living overseas in India and the Middle East.

After that and up to my retirement, I travelled all round the country and the world working with various armed forces, finally taking early retirement in May 2021.

I have admired Jaguars since I was a teenager, when a friend of my Fathers used to own an XJS.

I bought my first Jaguar in May 2003, an X-Type Indianapolis.

I joined the XKEC in 2008 when I owned a 2004(54) XKR, that I had owned for the best part of a year.

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to own three XK’s; The one mentioned previously, a 2011(11) XKR and now a 2014(64) XKR-S.

In my first year of membership, due to advice from members this club, I probably saved enough money to pay for my membership for the rest of my life.


For further details about all events in and around our area please Email me at tony.rigby99@ntlworld.com




Our club monthly meets are held every second Sunday of each month at the GeorgeIV, London Road, Baldock SG7 6LZ at 12 noon.
Everyone is welcome including partners, the more the merrier. Participation makes the meet worthwhile with good conversation with chilled friendly members who love a gossip. Look forward to seeing everyone including new members and visitors. there is also good pub food and drink.


Tony's XK-R

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