25/10/19 - For Sale (ref#S395): JAG NUMBER PLATE - OFFERS OVER £500.00

Number plate for sale offers over £ 500.00, not on a vehicle, all paper work ready to go.

Contact Dave on 07854833165 or Email: donkeysb66@gmail.com

Updated: 28/03/2020 - For Sale (ref#S388): NUMBER PLATE - £700

Number Plate: XK51 WOW




Contact Colin on 01527 592333 or 07976 377869

Location: Worcestershire

Updated: 28/03/2020 - For Sale (ref#S386): XKR (X100) BOOT RACK


1 x Boot rack for 2000XKR (used once) in chrome. Adjustable fitting £60.00


Buyer to collect.


Location: Camberley, Surrey

Contact:  David Parks on Email daveandkaty@virginmedia.com or on Mobile....07967 331320

Updated: 15/11/19 - For Sale (ref#S385): XKR 100 LIMITED EDITION COUPE


This is a rather unfortunate example of the “Sir William Lyon’s centenary limited edition model. There are not many of these around, with little more than 100 coupes originally in the UK, and only three on this site’s XK 100 register. I bought this car about a year and a half ago with the intention of ‘saving’ this rare version of the XKR.

The colour and specification level are standard, and it comes with a Jaguar Heritage certificate.  If you need more information about the specification level, it can be found on the XKEC XKR 100 Register, or elsewhere on line.

The car should be seen as a project.  It needs work, and I bought it with that in mind, but I have far too much on at the moment, and this is one too many.  

It had engine work done by an XKEC member last year, but there’s more to do.  Its problems include engine issues (not preventing its use), a fault with the adaptive cruise control (not uncommon), a warning of “incorrect part fitted” (after a local independent Jaguar specialist tried to cure the ACC issue) which may be cured by a code re-set, and some poor bodywork.  It’s had some welding done (e.g. front foot-well for last MOT).

It has service history up to 145.6k miles.  It is currently running (in spite of its problems), so the mileage (149k) may go up.

I’m not expecting more than a four figure selling price (which puts me at a loss), and I would consider a no-fault (i.e. not a ‘project’) XK as part payment (as I said, I’ve too much to do already).


Contact Steve Banks. 

Email: swbanks1@aol.com or Text:  07768 954708


Location: Kings Langley, Herts.


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